July 10, 2015 by Andrea Dorsey

Learn to Be Healthy

Health is a wide subject, and many have written about it. Specialists say that in order to be healthy, you need to see a doctor. Trainers say that to keep your health you need to practice one sport or another. Nutritionists say that to do this, you need to eat only healthy food.

well_ballIconThe truth is that everyone is right, but only if you practice all of the above together – you can’t be healthy only if you go to the doctors, but you don’t pay attention to what you eat. You can’t be healthy if you do some sport, but you fill your energy levels with processed food, and also you can’t be healthy if you do eat healthy but still lead a sedentary life.

Here is how everything works and what you should do to keep a high level of health, but also fitness.

Eat Better

This is the first step that you can do, as this is the easiest that you can control. Food represents your source of energy, and you surely have seen that after some foods that you eat, you become tired or full of energy. It was proven that not all the food that is on the market is good, as it is made with different carcinogen substances, which in time affect badly your organism.

stethescope-with-apple_61319875-2Scientists and doctors have always warned you about this danger, either on TV, in different magazines or online. The truth is that you rarely find bio products on the market today, and even if there are some, these are more expensive than the rest of the available products.

To make sure you choose something that is good for you, make sure that the vegetables are fresh and not frozen. The meat should also be from bio farms, and not form an unknown store or fabric that you’ve never heard about. The eggs should have the expiration date stamped on them, as these are good to be used only for a few days, and so on.

Avoid fats, sugar or too much salt in your food, processed food and also fast food. If you don’t know exactly what to eat, ask a nutritionist.

Practice Sport

Clipart Illustration of a Healthy Red Heart Running PastThe physical activities brig you so many benefits, that it’s a shame not everyone practices something. To live a healthy life, you can do something for your body. Running or swimming are easy activities that work out every group of muscles in your body. If you don’t like any of these, or if you find that this can be boring, go to a gym. There is a multitude of available programs, dedicated to both men and/or women, so you surely can choose something. Yoga is in trend now, but so is fitness and bodybuilding, tae-bo and other activities.

At a gym you will surely find a trainer that will be able to tell you exactly what you can do, with much better recommendations. Use his or her advice and see what comes next. In time, you will surely become addictive, your stress level will decrease and you will be in a better mood.

See the Doctor

This is the last thing that you need, but it is something that you should do when the need HeartHealthCheckappears. If you don’t feel well for a longer period of time, or if you have different aches that were never there before, you should definitely see a doctor. For example, the dentist is to be seen at least 2 times per year. The same should be with your family doctor, as that is the person that has all your medical history and knows exactly what you had and how the illness evolved, in case there was one.

Don’t be afraid, because this is a mandatory action – an illness that is discovered in due time has more chances of recovering than one illness that was discovered in later stages.