August 19, 2015 by Andrea Dorsey

Simple Home Fitness Tips

Staying fit does not require an expensive gym membership or fancy workout equipment. You can get all the exercise you need without having to spend a small fortune. With these simple home fitness tips, you can stay in shape, lose weight, and feel great.

We spoke to the trainers at Trillium Fitness, and they suggested some simple activities to get you moving without breaking the bank. Exercising is only half of the equation, however, and they emphasised the importance of proper nutrition.

yoga poseDoing a variety of simple calisthenics is just as effective as climbing on a treadmill, stair climber, or rowing machine. Mix up your moves with three sets of 10 reps for each. Push-ups are great for toning the arms and chest. Work out your legs and butt with lunges and squats.

Throw in some mountain climbers and planks to flatten your abs. To burn even more calories, do one minute of jumping jacks between sets and limit your rest period between sets to 30 seconds or less.

Yoga is another good calorie burning exercise, and all you need is an inexpensive mat. The basic warrior I and II moves, chair poses, extended side angles and crescent lunges increase heart rate while working out large muscle groups. Move from a high to a low plank and into an upward facing dog before moving back to a downward facing dog to link the moves. If you are unfamiliar with these basic yoga poses there are many helpful DVDs and instructional videos available on the Internet for beginners. Although it is often seen as an activity undertaken by women, increasingly yoga for men is becoming more popular.

Jumping rope is an easy and fun way to tone your muscles and burn calories. The average person can burn more than 350 calories by jumping rope for just 30 minutes. Try short recovery periods between short intervals and jump on one leg to improve your balance. Work out while watching TV or listening to your favorite tunes and that half hour will whiz by. If you have trouble finding enough room to swing a rope indoors, mimic the moves without a rope and you will get the same heart-pumping results.

With a rear-wheel trainer, you can transform any ordinary bicycle into a spinner right in your living room. This device attaches to the rear hub raising the wheel off the ground. Most have a resistance unit that simulates cycling on a hard surface. Depending on how fast you pedal, you can expect to burn as much as 475 calories in 30 minutes. Place a rubber mat underneath the bike to protect hardwood floors or carpet.

Kettlebells are relatively inexpensive when compared to paying for a gym membership and workouts can burn twice the calories in half the time of other types of exercise routines, including weight lifting and using a treadmill. Figure on burning 400 calories or more in just one 20-minute session. A basic swing improves strength in every major muscle group while providing an effective cardiovascular workout.

Working out like a ballerina produces a long, lean body, and you do not even need a barre or stationary handrail. Use your kitchen table, the back of the couch, or a chair. These exercises trim the thighs, lift the butt, tone the arms, and strengthen the abs. At the same time, you improve posture, to show off the new improved you.

personal trainer with kettlebellNever underestimate a brisk walk around the block when it comes to working out from home. All you need is a good pair of comfortable shoes. Select an athletic shoe with a low heel that remains firm while bending easily at the ball of the foot. While walking, tighten the butt and abs and keep the shoulders relaxed and back to maintain good posture.

Walking 20 to 30 minutes three or four days per week at a pace that has you breathing hard without gasping will improve cardiovascular health. To maximize weight loss, walk for approximately 45 minutes at a brisk pace at least five times per week.

Suspension training utilizes body weight for resistance and involves using lightweight nylon straps. The goal is to work through a variety of exercises with the strap hooked to a beam, pole, or door. Using your abs to maintain balance throughout the session gives the entire body a workout. Minimizing the resting period between moves increases the number of calories you can burn.

Working out at home is convenient, easy, and inexpensive and is a great way to get the benefits of exercise. The best thing about this type of workout is it eliminates all the usual excuses that keep you from driving to the gym. During pleasant weather, you can complete your workout regiment in the backyard or garage. When it rains or snows, simply move your workout indoors.

Choose a workout you enjoy and you are much less likely to use petty excuses as a reason to skip your workout session. In no time at all, you will look and feel your best.